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Today were going to take you behind the scenes with the new addition of behind the Heiny. Customers have been asking us exactly how our retailers work and why are they so valuable to us.

First for a little backstory: how exactly does the small family run boutique work? It is really quite simple, our lovely boutique owners purchase our products at a price that is called “wholesale” which is a discount from the price that our end customers would pay when purchasing from our website. This is the same way larger stores stock items on their shelves that are not store brand (think Circo at Target vs buying Legos at Target). The question then is why do we do this. The answer is simple, customer service. We value knowing that moms and dads using our diapers are receiving instruction on how to gently care for their diapers, how to best use them for both the daytime and nighttime, as well as troubleshooting any problems that might arise between diapering to potty training, and seeing the diapers in person. This service is so valuable to us, that we provide a discount to our store owners so that they have the money available to pay the staff and the owners what they need to continue providing benefits that can’t be measured solely with money.

Our retailers then help their customers pick the product that is best for their family’s needs, as well as help with fit, and any other questions that they may need answered.

The diapers that we sell direct to customers we need to provide that same service and therefore charge the same price as our valuable retailers.

Shopping at your local boutique ensures that someone is there to help other parents get started on their parenting journey. The level of personal care, attention, and concern that our local stores show for their customers are a gift beyond measure that we Happy Heiny hope that you continue to support in your local community.

When customers browse their local boutique and “pick the brains” of the qualified staff and owners and then purchase online from either us or other online sources in order to merely receive a discount, it hurts everyone. It hurts us as a company, who want to ensure that our customers are receiving the most current well researched information, it hurts the store owners who can no longer pay the bills and are unable to help future parents.

We understand that many parents are not lucky enough to have a local boutique and we are grateful for the well run websites that provide customer service on a virtual basis.

Please feel free to contact us with any other questions you may have!

Why retail stores?

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