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Warranty is for original purchaser and all items sent in for warranty MUST include proof of purchase, Must be clean of any hair or lint in tabs, and must be free from any residue. If items sent do not have proof of purchase & are not free of hair, residue and lint item will NOT be repaired/replaced and the item will immediately be returned to you.

The warranty for our products is as follows:

  • Snaps: lifetime *see notes below
  • Elastic: 6 month guarantee. After 6 months we will gladly send to you any elastics needed so that you may easily repair the elastic in your diapers. Orders can be completed online.
  • Sewing: 3 months
  • Hook & loop: 6 monthes After 6 months we will gladly send to you any hook & loop needed so that you may easily repair your diapers**see notes

Warranty is extended to the original purchaser of the products only.

Diapers will not be replaced due to pilling of fleece or elastics, repelling, staining, leaking, or sizing issues.

Any defect will be either repaired or replaced at the discretion of Happy Heinys. All diapers must arrive clean, unstained, lint free, and dry. All diapers with excessive wear will not be replaced or repaired under our warranty. Any products sent to us that do not follow the above conditions will be returned without repair.

Due to the nature of our products we can not guarantee how long they will last. The simple process of washing, drying, and wearing will create wear on the diaper. We do expect our product to last through multiple children but this is not a guarantee nor a promise. The life expectancy of our products depends on the amount of use and type of abuse the diaper is given.

Most diapers are washed every other day for several months. We will not be responsible for wear and tear due to the use of our products.

If there is any wear issues within the first 60 days of purchase than we will repair or replace at the discretion of Happy Heinys. Any wear after 60 days is considered to be due to use and does not fall under our warranty.

*If you are an international customer please contact your retailer if there are any snap problems within the 1st three(3) months for replacement. If it has been three (3) months since the date of purchase then the item will need to be sent to us for repair at the customers cost.

**When the hook & loop fold-over tabs are not used (see alternative tab folding)
This will cause faster than normal wear on your diapering products. Due to the nature of our products we cannot replace the hook & loop. If your diapers are past the 3 month warranty mark we can add snaps to your hook & loop diaper. The snaps will be applied onto the hook & loop strip. You can also purchase new elastic or H&L for the tabs here.

**If the item does fall under our warranty, product should be mailed directly to us at the owners expense. Please include a note stating the issues, your name, phone, email, and mailing address. Proof of purchase must be included. After reviewing your items we will either repair or replace the item per our warranty guidelines. If the item sent to us is dirty, stained, wet, full of lint or hair in the hook & loop, or in any other foul or unpleasant condition, the item will be promptly returned to you without repair.

***Elastic binding on Trainers and Covers are guaranteed for 6 months. Due to the nature of these products we cannot replace or repair these elastics.
The “furring” of the elastic of these products is caused by snagging. Snagging most frequently happens while washing/drying the covers and trainers with products that contain hook & loop or Velcro without the use of laundry or fold over tabs. The “hook” portion of hook & loop/Velcro will grab onto the elastic causing it to look furry and or pilly.
This is not a defect of the product. Since this is not a defect it does not fall under our guarantee. If this does happen you can relatively easily resolve it by using a sweater shaver/scissors to remove the fur/pills.

You may send repairs to:

Happy Heiny
1450 Bellemeade
Evansville, IN 47714

What will void the Happy Heinys warranty:

  • Washing instructions are not followed
  • Use of Sanitizing cycle while washing or water temperature above 150F or 60C
  • Use of detergents containing natural oils or any natural soaps or any detergents not approved by Happy Heinys.
  • Use of any fabric softeners or dryer sheets.
  • Use of any non-approved diaper rash creams
  • Use of bleach, oxyclean, or any other caustic substances that may harm the fabric of the diapers.

Sometimes we do receive well loved Happy Heinys in for repair. Please understand that while we will do our best to help you to prolong the life of your diapers by repairing elastic, snaps, and hook & loop there are some times when some diapers have been loved beyond repair. Unfortunately we cannot help with these items and they will be returned back to you. Please keep this in mind when sending any products to us.

Available email addresses:

For repairs: repairs @

For leaking: leaking @

For other inquiries: info @