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The very first and MOST IMPORTANT factor when it comes to washing your cloth diapers is that you MUST use the proper amount of detergent. So we are saying Please, PRETTY PLEASE, with lots of HAPPY HEINYS ON TOP, use the recommended amount of detergent on your diapers. If you do not, you run the risk of smelly diapers, dirty diapers, rashes, and worse burns on babies bottom. Read your brands label and use the amount recommended by the manufacturer. If it is 2 teaspoons or 1 cup, just use the correct amount.

  • Country SaveCountry Save: This is my favorite go to environmentally safe and natural detergent. One of the best things about Country Save is that it not only will clean your diapers but it also will clean your super dirty, stinky, laundry. As a mother and a manufacturer, I am not in favor of the need for multiple detergents for different loads of wash. Too complicated.*We have only heard of a single repelling problem from the use of Country Save. While we cannot say with 100% confidence why this problem occurred we have found that 99.9% of repelling cases are due to: not using enough detergent, using a non-recommended natural detergent, using essential oils, & using incorrect bottom cream. If you ever have a question regarding Country Save the company owner is a wonderful gentleman who will do whatever he can to help you:”
  • Rockin GreenRockin Green: We love the way it smells when you put the detergent in the wash, and we love the lack of smell when putting it in the dryer. Most of our customers have reported great success with Rockin Green. We have recently been told that it also works great for all wash including that of a very dirty airplane mechanic.

*You MUST know your water type for this. If you have hard water & use the soft water brand you will have possible ammonia burns from the diapers not getting clean. If redness appears stop using detergents immediately and contact the manufacturer for remedies. Some report that detergents that have “Free & Clear” formulas have caused repelling issues while others report perfect function. Some natural detergents are not good for the diaper and will cause an oil like coating on the fleece causing it to repel. If you use diapers without a fleece liner, then this is not an issue for you.

*Some companies recommend the use of chlorine bleach on a monthly basis. This is recommend to remove/help prevent the oily build-up on your diapers that is caused from the use of natural detergents. The use of chlorine bleach is one of the very few products that ALL manufacturers of our water-proof layer warn against due to the damage the chlorine bleach will do to your water proof layer.