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flatharoldHave you met #flatharold?  He has been traveling around Evansville, Indiana with us and is ready to move to bigger and better places, so we have a game for all of you!  Print a picture of Flat Harold and take pictures of him in your local scene.  Post Harold as publicly visable FB or Instagram picture and include #flatharold and your city’s hashtag.  We will be mapping everywhere that Flat Harold can travel and where cloth diapers are becoming mainstream!  On January 15, we will pick a lucky winner to receive a Spray Pal kit as well as a Happy Heiny TWOrriffic day kit.  You can enter as many times as you would like, but make sure you include both hashtags.

Lets see where in the world cloth diapers are becoming a normal part of life!!!  Join Flat Harold in his travels!!!

Adventures of #flatharold

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