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Do I need a cover with a Happy Heiny pocket diaper?
You do not need a cover with a Happy Heiny pocket diaper. You do need one with our Happy Hempy and Heiny Huggers fitted diapers. We suggest using heiny covers, but any cover will work well.

Do I need to pre-wash any of the items?
Because there are several people touching our products before they reach you, we do suggest that you prewash everything before use. The hemp products are washed by our mill, but because they contain natural oils, we suggest washing a few times prior to use. Unlike many fabrics, hemp becomes more absorbent the more it’s washed. It takes roughly 8 washes before all of the oils are removed and the hemp is fully absorbent. We do suggest that you wash new hemp separately until it is fully primed. The oils can cause repelling problems with fleece products.

How often do I need to change the diapers?
Cloth diapers are not like disposables. You do have to change the diapers every 1 1/2-2 hours during the day. During the night you will use either a night-time diaper or you will add more stuffing to your pocket diaper.
A very important thing to remember is that your diaper is only as good as it’s stuffing. If you only use one insert and your child is a heavy wetter, you may need to change more often or add additional stuffing.

How many diapers do I need?
Your newborn will need to be changed 10-12 times a day. After about 2-3 months your baby will need to be changed 6-10 times a day. You will want to do laundry at least every 3 days if not sooner. You may use the above guide to determine how many diapers per size to buy. You will need one insert for each day time diaper and 2-3 inserts for each night-time diaper.

Do I really need to add all those extras to my laundry?
No! Please do not add anything extra to your diaper laundry unless you need to. The simpler the better. Use the full amount of detergent recommended by the detergent manufacturer. Using less than that can cause diapers not to get clean, ammonia smells after baby has urinated, and burning in the diaper area due to the unclean diapers. When they are done, throw them in the dryer, then take them out and stuff. The easier the better.

How can I get stains out?
The sun is the best stain remover. Take your wet diaper and hang to dry in the sun. If the stain is stubborn squirt it with a little lemon juice and it should come right out after drying in the sun.

What about the dryer?
Everyone has their own comments regarding whether or not to dry cloth diapers. We recommend that you dry your pocket diapers as often as you want to. I personally dry mine on high with every wash.

How can I get my hook & loop tabs to fasten as firmly as they used to?
Easy! By washing your diaper and then drying it in the dryer, the heat will cause the hook & loop to re-contract and fasten more firmly again.
If by chance this does not work you can always send the diaper into us and we can add snaps to the hook & loop for you for a stronger hold.

Does every one size fit all?
No. We recommend that you wash and try one to two Happy Heinys as well as several other brands before settling on your choice.