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Who is Happy Heiny?

Katie and Addie purchased the brand, Happy Heiny, in the spring of 2013.Katie is a wife and mother of five. With a formal education in accounting, Katie’s passion of natural parenting has been channeled through her storefront in Evansville, Indiana, where she has been a retailer of Happy Heiny for years. She is an active leader in La Leche League International. In addition to running the store and homeschooling her children, Katie manages the manufacturing and accounting aspects of Happy Heiny.Addie, a registered nurse, is a wife and mother of three. Addie previously worked as a hospital-based Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant as well as other areas of in Maternal-Child health. Addie is responsible for sales and marketing for Happy Heiny.

Katie and Addie have worked together since 2007 in the juvenile products manufacturing area before purchasing the Happy Heiny brand. Secure from experience that Happy Heiny design and product are second to none, they intend on focusing their efforts on customer service and new product innovation.

Having worked as work-from-home moms for 6 years together, it is important to Addie and Katie to utilize this same work structure with Happy Heiny. Our seamstresses are able to sew-from-home or bring their children to work with them, depending on their desires and function within the manufacturing process.